May 19, 2012 @ 12:49 PM

Clock Repairing Clock Maintenance Grandfather Clock RepairA clock is one of the most intricate pieces of machinery ever produced by man. It is more complicated than your car engine and is usually ignored by the owner because it is so dependable. Clocks can run for years with no problems. One day you look at your clock and it has stopped. A typical conversation with someone calling our store for grandfather clock repair would go like this: "My clock has run for over 20 years and now it has just stopped"

(Question) Have you ever had the clock serviced?

(Answer) No.

Unlike a car, clocks will stop if anything is wrong. The slightest drag or wear will make it stop. Even your car gets to rest when you turn it off. A clock is running 24/7. Every minute of every hour of every ...

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