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Antique Clocks > Seth Thomas No.1 Office Double Dial Calendar Clock
Seth Thomas No.1 Office Double Dial Calendar Clock

Price: $4,500.00
Availability: FOR SALE

Seth Thomas No.1 Double Dial Calendar ClockClock Name: No.1 Office Double Dial Calendar Clock
Maker Name: Seth Thomas

Details: Rosewood veneered case.
Condition: Excellent condition

The largest double dail office calendar clock Seth Thomas made. Introduced in 1874, I beleive this one to be made in 1880. ht. 40"  Time dail, 12" Calendar dail, 14"  Seth Thomas Clocks, Tran Duy Ly.  pg.90

Excellent original rosewood veneered case. Still retains it's original finish.( This clock has not been refinished or overcoated.)

Completely original clock. Weight driven office calendar clock. Clock & Calendar movements are original. Paper rolls are original. Calendar movement needs some repair but complete. Both dials are completely original, only the top dial has had minimal refreshing done by  "The Dial House". If you are a collector and are looking for clocks that are complete & really original, this is one you should consider for your collection.

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